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  • MIS Cell

    To lead its journey from an analog to digital PWD, MIS cell is playing an important role. A data center has been established at MIS cell including all necessary hardware and software support which include servers, network equipment like core & distribution switches, access switch, routers, firewalls, SAN system and fiber optic backbone, high-speed Internet, LAN connectivity etc.

    The following services are being provided by MIS cell:
    • Network administration and maintenance
    • Sharing of services (file service, mail service, database service etc) through the network
    • Hosting of servers for different services (web service, mail service, domain control service etc)
    • Maintaining network and data security
    • Client support
    • Administration and maintenance of Database application/software (Human Resource Information System, Project Monitoring System etc)
    • Data backup and maintenance
    • Administartion and maintenance of Internet service to all officers of PWD head office

    One of the important and effective e-sevices are human resourse database development, updating and maintenance through HRIS software. Development and maintenance of Online Project Monitoring System (PMS) is another software through which field offices can submit progress and upload pictures of construction work.

    MIS Cell is closely working with the Access to Information Project (A2I) of the government and involved in piloting National Electronic Service System. It is also working with CPTU to introduce E-GP in PWD. Besides, MIS Cell is working with "Development of National ICT Intra-Network for Bangladesh Government (BanglaGovNet)" of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC).

    Presently MIS Cell is served by one Executive Engineer, one Sub-Divisional Engineer, one Assistant Engineer and one Sub-Assistant Engineer