• What PWD Does

    The contribution of PWD encompasses the entire spectrum of physical and social infrastructure for national development, national security and international relations. Its activities span the length and breadth of the country including remote areas and difficult terrain. The main responsibilities of PWD are shown in following list. It may be mentioned here that the architectural plans and designs of almost all Government infrastructural projects are done by the Department of Architecture in close consultation with PWD.

    • Construction of Buildings for Other Agencies on a Deposit Work Basis
    • Maintenance of Public Parks
    • Preparation of Book of Schedule of Rates and Analysis of Rates for Construction & Maintenance of Public Buildings
    • Design and Construction of Public Buildings except those of RHD, T&T, Postal Department
    • Construction of National Monuments
    • Repair and Maintenance of Public Buildings
    • Preparation of Book of Specifications and Code of Practice
    • Acquisition and Requisition of Land for construction Work
    • Procurement of Materials & Equipment Required for Construction Work
    • Valuation of Land and Property and Fixing of Standard Rent